about us

fouta · everyday towels made to last

designed in switzerland · made in tunisia

with respect for people, culture and environment

fouta founder Sarra Ganouchi, a designer of Swiss and Tunisian heritage, effortlessly combines colorful Arabian culture, tradition and experience with simple and functional western design aesthetics to create a sustainable, timeless, diverse, and long-lasting everyday product of high quality and style.
Over the centuries fine spun cotton towels have proven themselves in the Arabian bathing culture. Especially in Tunisia the colorful towels are essential to everyday life. However, Tunisia’s former big textile industry has suffered from globalization and competition from cheaper major textile powers. Nowadays, small, traditional weaving mills are slowly disappearing and old, traditional craftsmanship gets lost.
fouta was founded as a long-term project that wants to help preserve Tunisian craftsmanship and locally maintain urgently needed workspaces. The high unemployment of young people, women are particularly affected, and the high level of illiteracy of around 22 percent is threatening the Tunisian economy. Therefor fouta produces exclusively in small-scale Tunisian businesses. After the weaving process our towels are knotted mostly by women in traditional home work, what ensures them a steady income. We try to locally establish and maintain trusted relationships with our suppliers and constantly look for ways to, together with our partners, improve the work conditions at the production sites.  
All fouta towels are made of high-quality organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation. The towels undergo quality control in social workshops and institutions in Switzerland.
For us fouta is much more than it’s products. fouta is a long-term social and cultural project and network that wants to promote a fair and sustainable consumption. Our customers actively take part in this intercultural exchange and, with buying our products, help us support sustainable, socially and culturally valuable, as well as, economically sensible ideas.

Our fouta value chain at a glance.